Steve Hinch Photography has been an evolving project since the late 1990s, created to showcase the photography of, you guessed it, Steve Hinch. Steve Hinch Photography provides you, the viewer, an opportunity to see unique views of wildlife from across the US. Whether it’s endangered green sea turtles in Hawaii’s reefs or mountain pikas living in the highest peaks of the Rockies, you’ll witness animals photographed in exceptional light while sharing their daily lives. Less threatened species abound too, and you can find unique images of bison, elk, grizzly and black bears, coyote, wolves, and fox as they all go through their daily lives. You’ll not only find mountain species. Alligators, storks, herons, and other species endemic to the coastal marshes of the southern US can also be found in these galleries.

All the images of animals you see here are from the wild. There are no captive animals featured on these pages. Photographing wild animals brings with it intrinsic dangers, even for experienced naturalists and photographers. Wild animals are unpredictable and should never be approached closely for any reason. Be assured, the animals you see here were all photographed with a long telephoto lens. Long lenses and teleconverters help to distance the photographer from the subject, keeping both photographer and animal safe. Additionally, many images you see here were taken from my vehicle. It acts as the perfect moving blind and also separates the photographer further from the subject. But you’ll find a connection with the subjects of these photos as if you were there, from the haunting gaze of “Peekaboo Cub”, to the intimidating approach of “Three Amigos”, and the whimsy of “Bottoms Up”.

Along with a diverse portfolio of wildlife images, you’ll also find an equally diverse selection of landscapes. From the towering peaks of Montana and Wyoming to the coastal beauty of Hawaii and Florida, you’ll explore Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton, Arches, Capitol Reef, Zion, Haleakala, Great Smoky Mountains, and many other national parks. And for a diversion, you can explore the history, culture, and natural world of Poland, a unique country with much to share.

The images you’ll find in these galleries are true to what was seen at the time the image was made. Adjustments in photoshop have been made to color, contrast, white balance, and some slight cropping has occurred. But nothing has been added or overly manipulated to create unreal or unrealistic images. When you purchase one of these images, you own a view of nature as it happened at that moment in time. Having spent 7 years living in Yellowstone National Park, opportunities to capture unique and extraordinary light, behavior, and interactions have unfolded which I have been fortunate to witness, photograph, and now share with you. You’ll find a new featured photo each week posted as the Photo of the Week. Additionally, you’ll find blog entries on a regular basis that will provide information on the photos you see, as well as information on the places I’ve been. I hope visiting these galleries will be a pleasant experience for you.

Thank you for visiting!