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On this page you'll find photographic information on the places I've photographed recently as well as some technical information on the photographs themselves. I'll also post updates on what I've seen and experienced in Yellowstone and abroad, current wildlife sightings, and anything else of interest.  Check back often for updates!


712M in the USA Today

May 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The PatriarchThe PatriarchSubject- Grey Wolf

Image is copyrighted and cannot be used for any reason without expressed written consent by Steve Hinch

The Yellowstone Forever Organization featured this image of Yellowstone wolf 712M in their full-page advertisement in Saturday's special National Parks Edition of the USA Today.  Did you happen to see it?  If not, USA Today still has copies of the special edition available on their website at USA Today.  This image, The Patriarch, was photographed on opening day 2014 as the old wolf soaked up the morning sun.

First Meeting

May 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Most of the big crowds, especially with photographers, gather when a bear is near the road.  As much as I love bears I also feel the constant crowding of them near the roads is a bad thing, so I've largely stopped photographing bears.  And I also don't believe in hiking after bears.  Away from the road, trying to photograph grizzlies is a risky endeavor and I don't believe putting myself or the bear at risk is a worth any photo.  I do enjoy photographing special moments that happen with animals in their daily lives, unmolested, and natural.  Early one frosty morning, this newborn bison calf decided he or she wanted to make a friend.  He saw another bison calf nearby and watched intently.

After a moment, his mother must have noticed and looked in the same direction.  Apparently she gave her blessing and soon the small calf slowly approached the potential playmate.  I found it interesting that the cow bison did in appear to check out the playmate before the youngster made it's way to make the introduction.

Soon, the smaller calf worked up the courage and came and said "hi."  The older calf responded in kind and they cautiously sniffed each other for a few minutes and followed each other around before they both returned to their respective mothers.  Perhaps it was the first time either of them had met another bison calf.  Undoubtedly by now, if they're still in the same herd, they've had quite a few play sessions.  But this potential first meeting was interesting to watch and I felt like I was seeing a special little moment in the lives of these youngsters.

Happy Mother's Day

May 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A Kiss For MomA Kiss For MomSubject- Bison Cow and Calf

Image is copyrighted and cannot be used for any reason without expressed written consent by Steve Hinch

Wishing all mother's a happy and wonderful mother's day today.  Yellowstone's mothers endure many tests and challenges as do our mothers.  So thank you for all you do to make us better people.

The Wildlife Landscape

May 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Part of the LandscapePart of the LandscapeSubject- Elk on Gibbon Meadow

Image is copyrighted and cannot be used for any reason without expressed written consent by Steve Hinch

Every season, I hope to expand my portfolio of work into new territory, pushing myself to do things that I've either not done well in the past or have failed to attempt.  This summer I've focused more on photographing the wildlife as part of the landscape.  Anyone with a long, telephoto lens can get close enough and photograph portraits, but making a successful animal/landscape image is much more difficult.  The elk in the image above are a very small part of the frame.  I photographed this with a telephoto zoom lens and carefully framed this image so the mountain would dominate the scene.  Below, the same mountain is visible from a different part of Yellowstone.  The bison were closer to me though I still needed a telephoto zoom to frame the image as I desired.  The challenge of successfully crafting an "animal in the landscape" is quite high but when it comes together, it's more more unique than another portait.

Mountain BuffaloMountain BuffaloSubject- Bison Herd

Image is copyrighted and cannot be used for any reason without expressed written consent by Steve Hinch

In the Presence of a Bear

May 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

Hayden, our Golden Retriever, and I took our second hike of the Spring yesterday morning. We hiked the trail that we use for cross country skiing as it's close to the house and rarely used, especially when ski season is over. Hayden is an excellent "bear warning system" and as soon as we hit the trail she was acting very nervous. When she was a puppy, we dismissed it as her being young, but now that she's 3, we've learned to trust her reactions. Her sense of smell is incredible and she knows when there's bear or bison in the area, two animals that make her very wary. So when she was acting "odd", I paid extra attention to our surroundings. After a while, she started vigorously rolling in something. The only thing Hayden likes to roll in, besides snow, is bear poop. And sure enough, she found some pretty old poop. It looked to be most likely from a black bear and I confirmed that as we soon found some old black bear tracks. The trail we were on was a loop and as we neared the end of the loop, we came across these tracks seen in the photo. I labeled the photo so you might have a better idea on the size of the front paw, which is next to my boot. While certainly not the largest tracks I've found, I think these may have been a young grizzly. The ground was frozen, so the earliest they would have been made was the night before, and based on Hayden's behavior, the scent of the bear was still in the area. We always carry bear spray just in case. Two cans.

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