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On this page you'll find photographic information on the places I've photographed recently as well as some technical information on the photographs themselves. I'll also post updates on what I've seen and experienced in Yellowstone and abroad, current wildlife sightings, and anything else of interest.  Check back often for updates!


Photo of the Week- "Downed Timber"

May 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I finally saw my first grizzly of the year yesterday morning. This bear was first spotted this morning grazing high on the slopes of Lake Butte. It slowly moved in the direction of the East Entrance Road, grazing as it went, until it reached the down timber. It's amazing how fast a bear can traverse these downed trees. For a human, it would take a great deal of time. But the bear quickly made it's way through the obstacle course and emerged at the road. As it approached, I photographed from my car. The bear was not one I recognized and was skittish as it neared the road and the crowd, quickly running across and moving away fast. The warm winter and spring has left very little snow in Yellowstone this year. This has allowed bears to move out very quickly. As such, bear sightings so far have been few, so I felt fortunate to see this bear today.


May 01, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


The East Entrance to Yellowstone opens today as does the road from Canyon to Fishing Bridge. I hope to be in Hayden Valley and along the East Entrance Road looking for some "old friends". This is an older image, if you can consider a couple of weeks an older image. It's from my last trip to the Tetons which was so successful for moose sightings. This bull moose was resting in the sagebrush with several others at sunrise.  I'll bring information later regarding wildlife sightings in the central area of Yellowstone soon.

Yellowstone Quarterly's Bear Images

April 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I have to admit, I tend to be a bit forgetful when it comes to what I've had published in various magazines, calendars, etc.  Now, I don't say that in an attempt to sound grandiose or whatever, I say it only because I have a very bad memory when it comes to certain things.  I should probably keep better track, but I doubt I will.  So when I recently started to get some orders and inquiries about the two photos here, I had to go back to my emails and see what publication the Yellowstone Association had used them in.  I feel very fortunate to be able to work with the folks at the Yellowstone Association, not only are they great people but they (of course) truly care about Yellowstone!  The image above, of a young grizzly bear, was taken in June 2006.  Since then, it's been one of my personal favorite images.  This moment took place near Lake Butte close to sunset.  The young bear was grazing among the grasses, when it sat down and looked around.  I'm not sure if this bear is still around, but I saw it frequently in 2006.  Shortly after this moment, the bear stood up and gazed over the ridge before dropping down on all fours and running at full speed in the opposite direction!  I expected to see a much bigger bear come walking over the ridge but that wasn't the case.  This poor little bear was spooked by three mule deer does.  Needless to say, I called this bear "Spooky" for the rest of the summer.

This photo, taken in June 2012, doesn't have quite the story to go along with it, but it does show the playfulness of black bear cubs.  Grizzly cubs are cute, but I think tiny black bear cubs take the award for the most playful and possibly mischievous.  In 2012, two black bear sows were frequently seen in the Tower area.  One had two black cubs and the other had two cinnamon cubs.  I don't seem to have much luck with black bears (especially if they have cubs) around Tower, but on this day, things were good.  Only a small crowd had gathered and the rangers had an easy time keeping folks back, so all was well.  In fact, with the distance, I used 1.4 converter on my 500mm lens in order capture this image, since the bears were back a ways.  Mom and kids were laying in the sun relaxing.  Well, mom was trying to relax while the kids would sit for a few minutes and then start finding things to get into.  This cub went up a tree where it watched it's sibling below.  While mostly obscured by the tree, I thought the cub looked funny with it's tiny legs dangling out of nowhere.  And that's the thing with Yellowstone.  It's big, there might be a lot of down time, but when something cool does happen, it's well worth it!

"Trout Slayer"

April 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Firehole River is considered one of the best fly fishing rivers in the country. And the osprey seem to know it too. It's hard to drive along the Firehole and not see an osprey perched above the river, or flying over it, or diving for a trout. When these birds arrive in the Spring, it's a nice sign that winter is over. They return to the same nests year after year, building them up larger, raise their young, and then in the autumn, they leave and head south. I'm not much of a birder, but I really do enjoy seeing osprey.

First Calf Along the Madison River

April 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


On Thursday afternoon, my wife and I drove along the Madison River and saw a herd of bison walking along the road.  As we passed them, we noticed one cow that was very pregnant and looked like she would literally pop!  I went back on Sunday and she had popped, with a little orange calf, the first I've seen along the Madison River so far this spring.  I went back out this morning and they were in the woods off a parking area and the little calf was very hungry.  Only a few days old, once he or she had some milk, it was time to burn energy so it ran around in a nearby meadow.  In a few days or so, there will be many more little ones and a playmate will be easily found.  But for now, this little one has been a favorite among tourists coming into Yellowstone from the West entrance.