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On this page you'll find photographic information on the places I've photographed recently as well as some technical information on the photographs themselves. I'll also post updates on what I've seen and experienced in Yellowstone and abroad, current wildlife sightings, and anything else of interest.  Check back often for updates!


Photo of the Week- "Forever"

November 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


This photo has a special meaning for me.  This was taken on our trip to Maui on the first day we were there.  It's not special for that reason but because on my first trip to Maui, it was near this location where I asked my wife to marry me.  And that's also why we chose to come here for our first sunset of the trip.  it also ended up being the best sunset of the trip.  While the sky didn't light up in brilliant color from end to end, the color did move around dramatically.  I would photograph in one direction only to notice the drama in another direction.  I loved the wave action on these rocks and used a long exposure to create this effect.  The stretch of land on the horizon to the left is the island of Kaho'olawe while the small, dark island in the middle is Molokini.  Barely visible beyond Molokini is Lanai.

Photo of the Week- "Honu"

November 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


My wife and I recently spent time on Maui.  One of my two major photo goals for this trip was to photograph green sea turtles.  Our first morning we spotted several of them feeding, so we grabbed our snorkel gear and went for a swim.  I use an underwater setup to keep my camera protected, but use my back up Canon 5D II just in case!  We snorkeled five days and saw at least one turtle each time, but that first day, I swam with about twenty!  Water conditions were clear enough to come up with some nice photo opportunities and my underwater setup didn't let me down.  This may be my favorite photo from the trip.  Sea turtles are protected and they are not to be fed or touched.  It's also important to provide them space to swim freely.  Sea turtles are reptiles and require air to breathe, so every so often, they have to surface for air.  Preventing them from surfacing can cause them to drown.  In Hawaii, the green turtle was called honu and this name shows up in many place names today.

Order Now for the Holiday Season

November 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I always hate to have to make this announcement so early, but due to production and shipping times, if you're interested in purchasing prints for the holidays, now is the time to start making those orders.  For prints on archival photographic paper, I can provide delivery by Christmas as long as they are ordered by December 12th.  For all other products, including metal prints, orders need to be placed by December 3rd.  Thank you for your business!

"Yellowstone Forever: A Decade in Yellowstone National Park" Release Date

November 12, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I'm happy to report that my book, Yellowstone Forever: A Decade in Yellowstone National Park, is currently in final printing and I have some information about it's release.  At 128 pages with just under 200 full color photographs, Yellowstone Forever is an 11 inch by 8.5 inch soft cover book highlighting my ten years living in and around Yellowstone National Park.  The book will be available for pre-order on my website beginning on January 2, 2016 with an anticipated release date of February 1, 2016.  All orders through my website will be signed.  The book will be priced at $25.00 plus shipping, with shipping prices to be determined closer to release.  I'm very excited to make this book available and hope you'll order yours! 

The image above of a grizzly bear along the Gibbon River won't be in the book since it was taken after my publish deadline.  Maybe it will make the next one!  This photo was taken back at the end of October.  Beautiful autumn grasses provided a colorful setting and the cascade was too bad either.

New "Maui 2015" Gallery is up

November 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


We just returned from a week in Hawaii on the island of Maui. It couldn't have been much better and I hope you don't mind if I share several photos with you over the next week or so. This image was taken on our first morning on Maui. We went down to Kamaole III, which is a beach near where we were staying. We were surprised to find this crab sitting on a rock. We were also surprised to see a lot of green sea turtles feeding in the water. We knew we'd need to grab our snorkel gear and underwater camera gear to see if we could get some images.  This image is in a new, temporary gallery Maui 2015. I'll be filling this gallery up with new images over the next few days.