Peekaboo Cub headed to the Smithsonian!

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Peekaboo Cub

I am excited to announce that "Peekaboo Cub" will be displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC as part of the Nature's Best Photography Winland Smith Rice Awards Exhibit.  The exhibit opens on June 7th and will run until sometime in January, 2014.  "Peekaboo Cub" is my third image to be displayed in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, joining "Three Amigos" and "Bottoms Up", which were displayed as part of the same exhibit in 2007/2008.  The cub, born to one of Yellowstone's well recognized sow grizzlies, will be weaned this spring and on it's own.  2011 experienced a very cold and snowy April and May, so this young cub would climb on it's mother to get out of the snow.  I first witnessed this behavior a few weeks prior to taking this image, when the sow and cub appeared in the meadow in front of Lake Lodge, on the northern shore of Yellowstone Lake.  A few weeks later, they were seen at Fishing Bridge Junction.  It was snowing at first, and conditions weren't great for photography.  But as they moved closer to the road, the snow stopped and the light became quite nice.  At was at this moment, while the sow had her face buried in the snow, that the cub decided to climb on her back.  Shortly after this moment, the park rangers decided to move people back to give her room to cross the road.  She did so and eventually moved away into the woods.  I used a long telephoto lens to take this image, stopping down a bit to ensure both cub and sow would be in focus.  A large crowd was present and rangers were also there to keep people and bears at a safe distance to each other.  It remains one of my favorite bear sightings to date.


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