Photo of the Week- "Migrating Moose"

April 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Migrating MooseMigrating MooseSubject- Bull Moose

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The first few days in Yellowstone have been fairly slow, at least for me, so I thought I'd present this photo from last Saturday in the Tetons.  Similar to last week's image with the Tetons in the background, this image is looking back towards the Gros Ventre Mountains at sunset.  These two bulls tolerated each other fairly well and grazed quite close to each other.  A larger bull won't tolerate the others grazing near him and chased off anyone that did.  The light was really nice and it was just a matter of waiting (hoping) the bulls turned so their faces were in the sun.  Fortunately they did and this was the result.  Hopefully I'll finally see my first bear of the year in the next week, but if not, I'm sure Yellowstone will show a little magic regardless.


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