"Turtle Surfer"

November 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Turtle SurferTurtle SurferSubject- Green Sea Turtle
Location- Kauai, Hawaii

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As wonderful as our recent trip to Kauai was, we weren't blessed with the best weather.  High surf warnings, even on the south coast, limited our time in the water and I only snorkeled one time.  One of my favorite animals is the endangered green sea turtle so I was bummed I wasn't able to photograph them under water.  But one morning, my wife and I took a random walk along a rocky coast where we discovered around ten or so turtles feeding in cove below.  Using a telephoto lens, I was able to photograph them as they surfaced.  This turtle surfaced just as one of the larger waves rolled into the cove and I was able to photograph it surrounded by the beautiful blue water as the wave crested.  The green sea turtle is an endangered species like the monk seal and nene that I posted earlier in the week.  The monk seal and nene are only found in the Hawaiian Islands are number approximately 1,000 and 2,000 animals each.  Green sea turtles can be found around the world and number over 80,000.  Conservations efforts world wide to protect nesting sights and limit illegal harvesting are helping to keep green sea turtles as part of our world.


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