"The Nene"

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NeneNeneSubject- Nene
Location- Kauai, Hawaii

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The Hawaiian Nene is the world's rarest goose, only found on a few of the Hawaiian Islands and no where else.  With a population in the wild of around 2,000 birds, these flightless geese are a rare sight when they are found.  We were fortunate enough to see several of them at the Kilauea National Wildlife Refuge on Kauai, along with several nesting frigate birds, among others.  Due to the introduction of predators to the Hawaiian Islands such as domestic dogs and cats, pigs, and mongoose, the population dropped to around 30 to 50 birds in the early 1950s.  Thanks to conservation efforts, they now number approximately 2,000.  Politicians believe that the endangered species act is only successful if an animal is able to reproduce to numbers that allow it to no longer be considered endangered but I'd argue that as long as it allows a species to continue to survive, then that is a success.


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