Photo of the Week- "Red, White, and Blue"

February 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There is nothing more American than our national parks.  Thanks to our past presidents who had the ability to plan for the future and preserve our natural heritage, the United States was the first country to establish a national park.  Grand Teton National Park would be established as a national park in 1929.  While I would have greatly preferred to have some clouds in the sky for this image, the foreground was pretty interesting and the light on the mountains was beautiful.  December and January were really cold and snowy, but February has been a mixed basket with snow, wind, rain.  Days have been warm and nights cold.  The snow here actually has a thick icy crust and I walked on it with just boots.  The lines in the snow are the rest of the warm weather with high winds and rain and then it eventually froze again.  But oh for some clouds on this particular morning.


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