Bears I Have "Known" Part 2

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Angel on My ShoulderAngel on My ShoulderSubject- Grizzly Bear and Cub

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In keeping with yesterday's theme, I'll continue today with two more bears that I've "known".  Perhaps two of my favorites... well, I'd be lying if I didn't admit these were two of favorite bears to see.  "Blaze" and her cub I referred to as "Peekaboo."  (Others called him "Hobo" but I felt that gave a very derogatory impression and it made me think of panhandler bears that get euthanized).  I'd seen "Blaze" many times over my years in Yellowstone, both near the roads and a couple of times while hiking (at a distance).  When one chooses to live or play in grizzly country, it's imperative to carry bear spray at all times.  Choosing not to do so is irresponsible.  Visitors to Yellowstone will spend thousands of dollars to make the trip here but then they can't spend an extra $50 on something that just might save their life.  This image was taken alongside a road, with a large crowd monitored by several rangers.  You've probably seen my "Peekaboo Cub" image, which hung in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.  This was taken in the same sequence but I cropped this one quite a lot because I wanted to show the shared eye contact between bears.


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