Bears I Have "Known" Part 4

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Hollywood StarHollywood StarSubject- Grizzly Bear

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This isn't a particularly good photo technically and the subject is fitted not only with ear tags but a huge radio collar.  But her story is an important one for this Earth Day.  This bear, during it's very brief time in Yellowstone, was known by many names.  "Hollywood Bear" because she was well photographed and usually the bear paparazzi showed up quickly if she was out.  "Poo Bear" was another name because her biggest "crime" breaking sewer lines on employee RV's to get the contents inside.  What isn't known however is that most of the content in those sewer lines wasn't sewer, but food scraps from the RV's garbage disposals.  And those sewer lines were plastic and not protected by anything to deter a bear from getting to them.  Further, despite this employee RV being smack in the middle of the a dense grizzly population, no changes have taken place since the ten years this bear was removed from the wild.  Even with that, her story was a sad one from the beginning.  Her mother was hit by a car and died on the beach behind the Fishing Bridge Visitor Center.  She stayed close to the developed areas because she was small but eventually she was relocated.  Her biggest "crime" was hanging around the developed areas and eventually breaking the already mentioned sewer lines.  She wasn't aggressive but was actually rather timid.  After being relocated, she made her way back to Fishing Bridge and that was it.  Something would be done.  Washington State University has a major grizzly research center and rather than euthanizing her, WSU said they'd take her.  So her life was spared and she lives out her life in captivity.


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