Bears I Have "Known" Part 5

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IncomingIncomingSubject- Grizzly Bears

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I'll finish up these posts for now with a success story.  Of course, all of Yellowstone's grizzlies are part of the overall success story that involves having and keeping grizzlies in our wild.  The three cubs above were the offspring of Grand Teton's 399.  One of these cubs would later be known as bear 610, yet another success story in the recovery of grizzlies in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  In 2007, it was allowed to pull off the road and photograph from the road in Willow Flats.  Of course, in 2007 when 399 brought her cubs out that day, there were less than ten cars present.  Today, it's not uncommon for 50 or more cars to stop and view a grizzly.  While it's great that so many people can have the opportunity to see these bears in the wild, it's also important to remember to give them their space and allow them to behave as they normally would.  No photo is worth stressing any animal or disrupting it's behavior, ever.


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