Photo of the Week- "Cliff Dwellers"

April 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cliff DwellersCliff DwellersSubject- Prairie Falcon

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I didn't get out to shoot this week, so I wanted to share another photo from my prairie falcon encounter last week.  The reason I didn't disclose the location is because once the raptor landed, I felt there was probably a nest nearby.  Why did I think that?  Because upon landing, I saw the second bird and the markings on the cliff face indicated these birds probably at least use this area frequently.  I left after taking this image but really liked it as it says a lot about the falcons.  Prairie falcons hunt in open flat areas, like the out of focus areas in the background.  But they nest high in cliffs, as seen here.  The buildings add a different perspective to the shot.  Peregrine falcons, closely related, were once endangered due to the use of pesticides.  But today, they are a success story of the endangered species act.  Peregrine falcons even live in cities, using tall buildings as perches and for nests.  Likewise, prairie falcons share their range with us and together we can occupy the same spaces if we just try.


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