Photo of the Week- "The Other Montana"

April 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Other MontanaThe Other MontanaLocation- Makoshika State Park

Image is copyrighted and cannot be used for any reason without expressed written consent by Steve Hinch

When most people think of the state of Montana, they probably think of snow-capped mountains.  I know I do.  Heck the name Montana means "mountains" in Latin.  But the state is so much more.  I recently made a trip to a beautiful area of badlands in the eastern part of the state.  While I was quite unlucky with the weather, one evening, a storm cleared about 90 minutes before sunset.  The colors on the formations took on beautiful warm tones as the clouds constantly changed in the sky.  The next morning, winds whipped up to 40 mph so I decided to head back to my mountains, but not before coming away from some really nice images from "the other Montana."


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