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In the Presence of a Bear

May 01, 2017  •  1 Comment

Hayden, our Golden Retriever, and I took our second hike of the Spring yesterday morning. We hiked the trail that we use for cross country skiing as it's close to the house and rarely used, especially when ski season is over. Hayden is an excellent "bear warning system" and as soon as we hit the trail she was acting very nervous. When she was a puppy, we dismissed it as her being young, but now that she's 3, we've learned to trust her reactions. Her sense of smell is incredible and she knows when there's bear or bison in the area, two animals that make her very wary. So when she was acting "odd", I paid extra attention to our surroundings. After a while, she started vigorously rolling in something. The only thing Hayden likes to roll in, besides snow, is bear poop. And sure enough, she found some pretty old poop. It looked to be most likely from a black bear and I confirmed that as we soon found some old black bear tracks. The trail we were on was a loop and as we neared the end of the loop, we came across these tracks seen in the photo. I labeled the photo so you might have a better idea on the size of the front paw, which is next to my boot. While certainly not the largest tracks I've found, I think these may have been a young grizzly. The ground was frozen, so the earliest they would have been made was the night before, and based on Hayden's behavior, the scent of the bear was still in the area. We always carry bear spray just in case. Two cans.


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That is fabulous Steve!
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