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Sense of Scale

August 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sense of ScaleSense of ScaleLocation- Upper Geyser Basin

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Building off my post from last week that showed Old Faithful Geyser erupting with the Old Faithful Inn in the background, here's another photo that includes the "human element."  In this image, that element is actual humans.  I've shot this scene before and while the boardwalk alone provides a sense of scale, having people as part of the scene provides a greater sense given that we all know the approximate size of most humans.  I had just missed Beehive Geyser in eruption for this shot but it still provided a large steam plume that looked great backlit against the dark hillside.  There are at least four people in this image, do you see them?  For you, do they add or detract from the image?


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