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This Morning's Sunrise

January 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

OxbowOxbowLocation- Madison River, Yellowstone National Park Image is copyrighted and cannot be used for any reason without expressed written consent by Steve Hinch

Life as a new parent and as a photographer certainly has unique challenges.  Both definitely are rewarding and I'm so fortunate to be both.  With my office at home, I watch our little one almost every day for at least half the day, using the morning to get work done.  This does make photography challenging and limits my time to when I can be out.  Each morning, I check the sky to see if a colorful sunrise might occur.  This morning, the conditions were just right, so I helped my wife get the baby ready for her morning at daycare.  Fortunately sunrise doesn't happen until almost 8 am, so I have some time.  But most accessible places close enough to my home also require a bit of snowshoeing or skiing to get to, so I have to allow a little extra time for not only the drive to a location, but also the ski in to the spot I want to photograph.  As always, I arrived just as the light began.  A low layer of fog hung above the trees, partially obscuring the colorful clouds I hoped to photograph, but the cold temperatures which hovered around 0°F coated most of the vegetation in frost.  By way, as the national news reported the extreme cold in Siberia with a temperature of around -80°F and people there with frosted eye lashes, I can tell you that your eye lashes can frost and ice over at 0°F too!


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