Steve Hinch Photography | Grizzly Bears

Grizzly bears can be found in isolated pockets in the lower 48 states of the United States. While common in Alaska, Yellowstone National Park is probably the best place in the lower 48 to see and photograph them, though one must always be respectful and keep a safe distance. All bears can be potential dangerous and the photographs you see here were photographed using long telephoto lenses from the side of the road. if by myself, I photographed from my vehicle. All extreme close ups are photographed from inside my vehicle of a roadside animal. Never approach any animal closely for a photograph!
Peekaboo CubBaby on BoardWelcome to YellowstoneJoy of MotherhoodA Time to PauseHayden FamilyMother's LoveSlumber TimeStanding TallAutumn CubUncertaintyLast DaysDance for JoyBreakfast in YellowstoneThree's CompanyGrizzly CascadeGuarding the FallsBear BerriesWalk Along the YellowstoneGuardian