Steve Hinch Photography | How to Order

How to Order Prints and Books

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is how to place an order.  The company I host my website through recently updated the ordering process which made it more confusing than ever, so I've put together a step by step guide.

1.  Locate the print you would like to order by clicking on it.  That should show you a larger view of the image as seen above.  In the upper right corner is a green "buy" button.  Click on this button. 

2.  When you click on the green "buy" button, a drop down menu will appear showing the format and size options.  The formats currently available are photo paper prints or metal prints.  Sizes range from 8 inches by 10 inches up to 30 inches by 40 inches.  When you've found the size and format you wish to purchase, click on the + button next to the price.  This will add the print to your cart.  If you're ordering different photos or different sizes, you'll need to repeat the process for each print/size/format. 

3.  When buying books, the screen should appear as above.  After clicking the green "buy" button, the drop down menu will only have one price option.  To order the book, click on the + in the circle next to the price.

4.  After clicking the + button next to a product, you will receive a popup confirming it was added to your cart.  At this point, you can either go back and add more products or if you're ready to complete your order then click on "view cart."  Once the popup is gone, you can go to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart in the upper right corner.

5.  Your shopping cart will look similar to the image above.  You can change the quantity of prints or books by changing the number below quantity.  Once ready, click on either button that says "Proceed to checkout."

6.  When you click "Proceed to checkout," it will take you to a screen as seen above.  If you are already registered at, then you can log in, or you can create an account.  Creating an account lets you track your order but we will send you email updates anyway.  You can also click on the button that says "Checkout as Guest."

7.  Regardless of which option you chose in step 6, you will then be taken to a screen that appears as above.  Simply add in the address you wish to have your order shipped to as well as an email address and click on the button that reads "Continue Checkout>>."

8.  The next screen is where you select your shipping options.  As I only offer one shipping option, simply click on "Continue Checkout>>."

9.  The final screen is the review screen.  Here you will see the product(s) you've ordered as well as the shipping address and email you entered.  You can click "<<Back to Cart" to make any changes to the product(s), click "change" to make changes to your address, or, if ready to finalize your order, click "Pay Now."  This will take you to Paypal where you will pay with your credit card.  You will receive a confirmation email usually within 24 hours.  Books usually ship within 48 hours, photo paper prints usually ship within 7 business days, and metal prints usually ship within 2 weeks.  If you are uncomfortable paying with Paypal or prefer to pay with a check, send an email to and include the products you wish to order and your shipping address.  More information for ordering by mail can be found here; Order by Mail.  I will reply to your email with a confirmation within usually 48 hours.  If you do not receive a confirmation please check to make sure the email isn't being filtered as spam.  Thank you!!