Steve Hinch Photography | Wolves

Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1995 and have been a crowd stopper ever since. It's not uncommon to see pull outs full of cars with the occupants crowded around spotting scopes watching wolves far off in the distance. All animals can be potential dangerous and the photographs you see here were photographed using long telephoto lenses from the side of the road. if by myself, I photographed from my vehicle. All extreme close ups are photographed from inside my vehicle of a roadside animal. Never approach any animal closely for a photograph!
Call of the WildThe PatriarchAutumn SolitudeFrom the ForestRiver WalkerThe BeginningLean on MeLegacyNo Monkey BusinessCanyon QueenCanyon DuoLooking for HomeAspensPlayfulThe UnexpectedSnowyUnexpectedWolf TrekThe GazeA Chance Encounter