Steve Hinch Photography | Yellowstone- Summer

This gallery contains images from Yellowstone National Park during the summer tourist season of April through October. Summer visitation can be over 3 million visitors during this time, but it is possible to avoid the crowds and Yellowstone usually doesn't feel as crowded as parks like Yosemite or Zion. The exceptions, of course can be mid-summer at Old Faithful or August in Hayden Valley during the bison rut, where it can take hours to drive just a few miles.
Golden TopsDewdrop AspenAutumn AspensAlien SkiesHunting the AuroraAurora at Great FountainAlien PlanetThe Firehole and the Northern LightsFire on FireMidnight on the FireholeYellowstone LightsSummer SolsticeBalanced RockHidden YellowstoneChannelling the GallatinBackcountry YellowstonePsychedelicAutumns' EdgeMorning a FirePurple Sky