Steve Hinch Photography | Yellowstone- Winter

This gallery contains images from Yellowstone National Park during the winter tourist season of December through March. Winter can magical in Yellowstone. Light can have extraordinary qualities and wildlife can be easy to spot on the snow covered landscape. Of course, on the flipside, gray skies can dominate and snowfall can be so hard that seeing ten feet ahead can be a problem. Temperatures can get down to 50 below, presenting it's own challenges.
The Longest SeasonFox TraxWinter's HoldFrostedEnd of the Ice AgeWinterBoiling RiverEnd of an EraGibbon Under SnowGallatin CanyonMorning GlowMorning Glow VerticalMontana MorningThe River SunriseGlowNever Too EarlyGibbon Falls in WinterColors of the CanyonCanyon SnowEdge of Winter