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YELLOWSTONE FOREVER: A Decade in Yellowstone National Park

The first book published by award winning nature photographer Steve Hinch takes you in and around Yellowstone National Park over the last decade. This photographic journey includes not only some of Yellowstone's iconic most landscapes but also the incredible creatures that call that landscape home. With almost 200 of Hinch's favorite photographs over the past ten years, experience the beauty of Yellowstone's natural world through the years.  All copies purchased are signed by the author.  High Plains Book Awards Finalist. Published 2016.

Over 10,000 copies sold! Get yours today! 

128 pages, paperback, 11"x 8.5"

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YELLOWSTONE: A Photographic Journey

Yellowstone photographer Stephen C. Hinch takes you on an insider's tour of his home park in Farcountry's newest release.  With 112 stunning full-color images and lively text, Hinch shares unique views of the park's abundant wildlife, beautiful lakes and waterfalls, historical landmarks, and world famous thermal features.  His breathtaking images capture that magic quality that makes our nation's first national park a one of a kind, world renown destination. Published 2017.

Over 10,000 copies sold!  Get yours today!
80 pages, paperback, 9 1/8"x 8 1/8"

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Born Wild 2 in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Meet baby wild things of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks! Beautifully candid, full-color photos follow the parks’ youngsters through the season—from emerging in the bright promise of early spring to weathering winter’s bluster. Readers of all ages will be charmed by these images, captured 100 percent in the wild by veteran Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks photographers Stephen C. Hinch and Henry H. Holdsworth.  Features the Farcountry Press "All Wild" seal.  Informative and FUN captions accompany 105 high-quality photographs. Devoted entirely to the park's wildest young residents. Newest installment from the popular Born Wild series. Published 2019.

80 pages, paperback, 9 1/8"x 8 1/8"

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GLACIER A Photographic Journey

Witness the majesty and beauty of the Crown of the Continent in a way few will ever experience. Packed with incredible images, Glacier: A Photographic Journey features Glacier National Park's most dramatic mountain peaks, scenic waterfalls, and amazing wildlife in beautiful full-color. Veteran photographers Stephen C. Hinch and Zack Clothier showcase boulder-strewn streams, wildflower-filled valleys, and towering peaks far beyond the park's paved roads. Readers will delight in the more than 100 full-color photographs, including elegant shots of Logan Pass, Many Glacier, Lake McDonald, Glacier's historic lodges, goats and grizzly bears, and more. Hinch and Clothier provide interesting informative text for each stunning photo. The perfect book to celebrate your favorite vacation or dream-destination, Glacier: A Photographic Journey is a remarkable tour of one of our most treasured places. Published 2019.

80 pages, paperback, 9 1/8"x 8 1/8"

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MONTANA: A Photographic Journey

Featuring the striking photography of by Steve Hinch and Jason Savage, this book celebrates all things Montana! Jam packed with 118 full-color photographs and informative text, this Treasure State tour showcases the scenery, wildlife, and people that make Montana such beloved and exceptional place. Enjoy your own photographic journey from Glacier National Park and Lewis and Clark Caverns, to the Beartooth Highway, Virginia City, Makoshika State Park and more. Published 2018.

80 pages, paperback, 9 1/8"x 9 1/8"

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Fox Babies

What’s small, furry, and cute and loves to wrestle, pounce, and play all day? Fox Babies! Farcountry Press’ new baby board book Fox Babies! features 13 colorful images of these irresistible babies in their natural habitat from award-winning wildlife photographer Steve Hinch.  Fox Babies! is a great learning tool for any toddler. Catchy rhymes complement Hinch’s engaging images of these adorable creatures that are all about fun! Sure to be a new bedtime favorite, Fox Babies! appeals to children and adults alike. Published 2016.

26 pages, children's board book, 5.5"x 5.5"

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